Step 1: Flower Foot Spa 

There is no better way to start your treatment with flower foot spa, where the warm salt water helps to relieve stress and increase blood circulation. 

Step 2: 1hr Full Body Balinese Oil Massage with Hot Stone (Signature Massage)

This treatment includes rubbing the warm herbal oil on your body in order to balance the energy flow and to purify the body, mind and spirit. The DoTerra essential oil is 100% extract from the original recipe and it is mixed with the Coconut base oil to be performed for your massage. 

Our therapist will skillfully treat your body with an array of repetitive and slow movements such as kneading, squeezing and rubbing, which function to eliminate toxins and other impurities. Then, the therapist will apply hot stone on your back, which further relax the muscle and makes the massage to penetrate deeper.

Step 3: 50mins Aromatic Facial

This treatment softens, moisturizes and firms the skin while promoting the growth of new cells. Starting with applying Guinot cleanser, the treatment is then continued with facial massage, which stimulates the chakra points on the face and increases the blood circulation to reduce fatigue and wrickles. 

Next, a hydrating mask is applied on your skin and followed by head, neck and shoulder massage.