Treatment 1: 10mins Foot Spa

Once arrived at the reception area, you will be taken to the foot spa area, where you get to enjoy 10mins flower foot spa and served with MIZU signature desgined tea.


Treatment 2: 1 hour Full Body Aroma Stone Massage 

This treatment includes rubbing the warm herbal oil on your body in order to balance the energy flow and to purify the body, mind, and spirit. Our therapist will skillfully treat your body with an array of repetitive and slow movement such as kneading, squeezing and rubbing, which function to eliminate toxins and other impurities. Then hot stone will be applied on your back, which further relax the muscle and make the massage to penetrate deeper. 


Treatment 3: 30mins Head treatment

Relax your mind and soul with MIZU signature head treatment. The massage focus on the chakura points of the head and helps to release the tension from busy lifestyle. It also uses Guasha techniques to smooth out all the nodes underneath the scalp and revitalize your energy. 

1.5hr Complete Bliss Package

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